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Many people say they are put off cycling because they don’t like the idea of cycling in traffic, but many cyclists use busy roads every day without any problems. Have a look at the information from various cycling experts.


We've put together all the key information for all you need to know about e-scooter use in the UK – including information on use and legislation.

Equestrian Safety

Whether you’re a rider or a driver, find out how to keep safe on the roads and avoid accidents involving horses.

Fatal Five

1. Driving under the influence

Drink driving

Drink driving can cause serious consequences for you and your family, have a look at the information below and ensure you don’t get caught out.

Drug driving

It is against the law to drive under the influence of illegal drugs, but did you know there are also some prescribed drugs that can affect your ability to drive?

2. Speeding

The difference of a few miles per hour can mean the difference between life and death. Have a look at our useful information to help keep you safe when driving.

3. Mobile Phones

It is illegal to hold and use your phone while driving. Get caught and you will face 6 points and £200.

4. Seatbelts

Whether a driver or a passenger in a vehicle, in a crash a seat belt greatly improves your chance of avoiding serious injury or death. Follow the links below for useful information on seatbelts and appropriate child car seats.

5. Careless driving

Driving without due care and consideration could lead to serious consequences. Find out more here:


Injuries to motorcyclists are out of proportion to their presence on our roads. Motorcyclists are just 1 per cent of total road traffic, but account for 19 per cent of all road user deaths. Follow the links for further information.

Older Drivers

Experienced drivers are, in general, safer than those with less experience. But as we get older, our health and fitness, often including our eyesight, physical condition and reaction times, begins to decline. Age related conditions can also begin to affect our driving.

Operation SNAP

Operation Snap is a platform where the public can upload dash cam / head cam/ bike cam footage to the police to review as part of reporting driving offences (only). Find out more here:

Vehicle Checks

Is your vehicle safely equipped to drive? Take a look at the following links showing drivers how to perform basic safety checks.

Young Drivers

If your children are learning to drive or are newly qualified here's what you need to know to help make their early years on the road safe and accident free.

How to get a School Crossing Patrol

For further information or to discuss the possibility of obtaining a School Crossing Patrol for your school, contact Wakefield Council on Tel. 01924 305721.

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