Highways service performance

Measuring Public Satisfaction

The National Highways and Transportation Network (NHT) Public Satisfaction Survey collects public perspectives on, and satisfaction with, Highway and Transport Services in Local Authority areas. It is a unique, standardised, collaboration between Highway Authorities across the UK enabling comparison, knowledge sharing, and the potential to improve efficiencies by the sharing of good practice.

Over four million households have been sent a copy of the NHT Survey since it was first launched in 2008 and over 912,000 members of the public have responded to date.

A total of one hundred and thirty-nine Authorities have taken part in the survey over the past eleven years, twenty-eight County councils, eleven London Boroughs, thirty-three Metropolitan Boroughs and sixty-seven Unitary Authorities, nine of which were Scottish and a further six were Welsh.

The survey gives participating Authorities a better understanding of how they are performing in the eyes of their public. In addition it is a consistent benchmark for setting service levels and measuring the impact of service improvements.

Further FAQ's can be found on the NHT Website.

NHT Survey Report 2019 (Year on Year Comparison) compares the findings of the 2019 report against those recorded in 2018.

NHT Survey Report 2019 (Benchmark Comparison with National Average) compares the findings of Wakefield's survey results against the average of all national participants.

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