Recycled aggregate for sale

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Managing the highways network in the district produces a lot of waste material. To avoid this ending up as landfill it is processed into products which can be used. Any excess materials are then sold at very competitive rates. This results in less impact on the environment and significant cost savings to the Council and our customers.

The following products are available to buy from us:

75mm recycled crushed aggregate (6F5)

Ideal for

  • the building industry
  • capping layers
  • other general fill areas

40mm Type 1 recycled crushed stone aggregate

Well graded material, ideal for:

  • footways,
  • patios,
  • driveways
  • hard standing areas

25mm down recycled crushed aggregate

Ideal for:

  • mixing with concrete
  • laid dry in thin layers for areas such as public rights of way, cycle tracks, bridleways, woodland paths and lanes

Road Planings/Scalpings

Ideal for:

  • footways,
  • car parks,  
  • patios,
  • driveways 
  • hard standing area

Please note products must not be reheated for Health and Safety reasons.
The process is closely monitored by approved WAMITAB (Waste Management Industry Training and Advisory Board) accredited staff to ensure superior quality of material compared with similar recycled products on the market.

The stone products produced are in accordance with WRAP (Waste and Resource Action Programme) protocols. This quality protocol ensures materials are sampled and tested in accordance with the European Standard. However, due to the nature of the product, planings cannot be guaranteed in quality or size. They are not tested and are sold as excavated.   

Key customers include:

  • Citizens of Wakefield District – (we do not deliver to areas out of the Wakefield District)
  • Other internal services
  • Parish and Town Councils
  • Schools and Community Centres
  • Cycle Forum
  • Businesses
  • Contractors, Private Developers and Utility Companies
  • Charitable organisations

Price List:

Recycled aggregate products price list

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