Private streets

Most roads are maintained by the Council at the public's expense.  However there are some streets called private streets (also known as unadopted roads) that are not the responsibility of the council.

  • The term 'private street' relates to who is responsible for maintaining the road. 

The maintenance of the private street, which includes structural work and routine maintenance such as sweeping, is the responsibility of the owners of the street and not Wakefield Council.

This should not be confused with whether the public has a right of way along the road or not.

We advise checking ownership as it does not necessarily follow that because you live on a private street you are responsible for its maintenance. 

Parliament has given the power but not the duty to the Council to make up and adopt private streets where they consider it necessary or desirable.

The term 'make up and adopt' means that the street will be constructed to a standard acceptable to the Council and then maintained by the Council thereafter as long as it remains an adopted street.

However, responsibility for most of the expenses will still rest with the owners of premises on the private street.

If you live in a private street and would like more information on this process please contact us.

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