Highways Investment Programme

Improving and maintaining our roads in 2023/24

We know how important the road network is to our residents and businesses. Every year we produce a planned investment programme, which is key to maintaining quality roads. It's your feedback and our monitoring of the wear and tear on them that helps develop this. During 2023/24 we are investing millions of pounds improving and maintaining the district's roads and footpaths.

Our annual road work programme is designed to maintain and improve the vast highway network. A key part of this is looking after main and estate roads which covers over 932 miles (1500km).
This planned approach enables the Council to assess and prioritise the necessary work to prolong the life of the roads as well as respond to safety issues – delivering the best value for money for residents.

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You can see what is on our 2023/24 Highways Capital Programme for your ward here.

A Word document version of the programme can be found here.

For more information on how we are delivering a well managed Highway Infrastructure network, visit our Highways Asset Management page.

See what was completed with last year’s investment here.

You can find out more about gritting, potholes and resurfacing on our All you ever wanted to know page.

Watch this video to see all our Highway Services at work.

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