Highway maintenance

Learn more about Highway drainage, structural maintenance and various investment programmes.

orange and white traffic cones kept along the road maintenance area
  • Kerb crossing, kerb lowering and access requests

    A lowered kerb allows vehicles to cross the pavement from the road to a driveway. Learn more about the permissions needed and charges to lower a kerb.
  • Highways and pavements obstructions

    Learn more about how we deal with hazards that are blocking roads and pavements such as: scaffolding, skips, and roadworks.
  • Potholes and damaged pavements

    We have a statutory duty to maintain the highway in a safe condition. We regularly inspect the highways for damaged potholes and make it hazard safe within an appropriate time scale.
  • Recycled aggregate for sale

    We sell waste aggregate from highway maintenance to reduce the impact on the environment and significant cost savings to the Council and our customers.
  • Private streets

    Most roads are maintained by the Council at the public's expense except some streets called private streets, also known as un-adopted roads that are not the responsibility of the council but that of the owners of the street.
  • Report a problem with a footpath or bridleway

    Use this form to report any problems with footpaths or bridleways, including: overgrown hedges, ploughing complaints, and general maintenance requests.
  • Highways structural maintenance

    We recognise the importance of our highway infrastructure and how an effectively maintained and managed network contributes to the local economy and in achieving our corporate goals.
  • Highways Investment Programme

    Every year we produce a planned investment programme, which is key to maintaining quality roads. It's your feedback and our monitoring of the wear and tear on them that helps develop this.

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