Westgate Heritage Action Zone (HAZ)

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A photo if a shop front with a traditional blue sign that says “ICON.”

This project has awarded grants to businesses to enable owners and tenants to renovate historic buildings in Westgate.

Five historic yards have been revitalised to improve safety and create a more welcoming environment. Additionally, 19 properties have received funding from HAZ scheme.

Watch our mini-series about maintaining older or historic properties.

Discover some of the techniques used to protect and preserve historic buildings, along with tips on how to keep your building in great shape.


  • breathe new life into historic streets and yards off Upper Westgate with grants for building owners and tenants
    • these will be used to repair and enhance their buildings by June 2023

  • Introducing Community and cultural activities throughout 2023-24. These will help local people learn about the heritage of Westgate


  • boost tourism, culture, and heritage in the city

  • a more attractive and desirable aesthetic for existing businesses, and to attract new businesses to the area


City centre regeneration news update leaflet
  • 2019 - Partnership with Historic England begins

  • 2021 - Grant application process opened. Renovation works have continued since and will be completed in June 2023

  • 2022 - Restoration works on a building in Silver Street revealed an original timber frame dating back to the 1590s

For more information, see our April 2023 News update.


The scheme is part of Historic England’s national HAZ programme. Wakefield is among 68 locations in England receiving funding to revive the look and feel of its historic high street.

The Upper Westgate Heritage Action Zone is a four-year partnership between Historic England and Wakefield Council.

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