The Pontefract Masterplan

Reconnecting Pontefract

What is it?

A Masterplan is a guide outlining future growth and development over several years.

It includes recommendations for areas like the economy, housing, transportation, and community facilities. The plan is created based on input from the public, surveys of the area, and other factors. It aims to make the area stronger by connecting buildings and places in a way that benefits the environment.

Creation of this plan is an important step in the Council's efforts to realise its Vision for Pontefract. For more information on the Vision and the Action Plan that supports it, use the following links:

What does this mean to me?

Wakefield Council hired a consultant firm, Nash Partnership, in 2019 to develop a Masterplan for Pontefract. The 'Reconnecting Pontefract' Masterplan aims to improve the connections between:

  • the town centre
  • its surrounding areas
  • local assets like the Castle and Racecourse

It will focus on eight intervention areas that are blocking these connections.

These areas are shown in the image below:

The Pontefract Masterplan Map The Pontefract Masterplan

The Council aims to address problems in certain parts of Pontefract by creating a long-term plan. This includes the empty dispensary site off Southgate, formerly occupied by the old hospital.

The Masterplan aims to make bold changes to the town while preserving its heritage and adapting to modern times.

You can access the final document or individual chapters below:

If you'd like to discuss the Pontefract Masterplan with an officer, you should contact the Regeneration team.


Streets for People

With the Masterplan now finalised, our attention in the coming years will turn to making the vision a reality.

The Streets for People project is a plan to improve the Horsefair area, which connects Pontefract town centre and the castle.

In 2019, Wakefield Council got funding from the West Yorkshire Combined Authority (WYCA) for a project. In February 2020, they held a consultation for the initial design ideas alongside the Masterplan work. The materials from that exhibition can be downloaded from this page.

Nash used the public feedback to create a design for the project that was nominated for a Planning Award in the 'Health High Street' category:

Map of Preferred Option Hybrid one and Two way

The goal is to create a welcoming and safe environment for businesses, pedestrians, cyclists, and buses. This will also help to reduce vehicle noise and air pollution in the town.

The detailed design phase is now completed. The final plans will be on display at the beginning of March 2022 before work on site starts in Summer 2022. The scheme is due to complete in Spring 2023, further updates will be shared when they are available.

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