Horbury Shop Improvement Grant Scheme

We're no longer taking applications for this scheme. We've had a lot of interest. Stay tuned for announcements and updates on the scheme.

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​Horbury is a picturesque, friendly place, with charming historic streetscapes.

It’s a unique home to a diverse selection of businesses.

Horbury offers a charming and authentic village shopping experience, with a rich local heritage spanning centuries.

The Council's Town Centre Regeneration Capital Programme focuses on investing in town centre areas to promote vitality and economic prosperity.

On this page, you'll find details about the shop improvement grant scheme aimed at supporting Horbury Town Centre. This aims to nurture independent and innovative businesses that bring diversity and creative ideas to the heart of Horbury.

Our leaflet provides an overview of this project. You can check our red line boundary to see where the shop improvements will take place.

What are we trying to achieve?

We're excited to offer support to local businesses in town centres by providing financial help to revitalise shop fronts. This will attract new customers and continue to serve the loyal local clientele.

This initiative is part of our broader Towns Centre Regeneration plans. It aims to make Wakefield District a thriving and dynamic place to live, work, and enjoy.

Horbury holds a special place in our investment priorities. Our goal is to position Horbury as a top visitor destination, surpassing other town centres in the district. By enhancing shop frontages, we ensure that the town meets the needs of customers in a sustainable way.

By increasing the vibrancy of the town centre, we encourage residents to reduce unnecessary car journeys to other places. This will make Horbury a safer and healthier community. Improved shops will also create opportunities for business owners to expand their workforce. This will generate employment prospects for residents.

What changes can I expect to see?

The following framework has been developed to give you an idea of the changes that will happen in Horbury.

  • Horbury Shop Front Guide
  • focus on the existing external envelope
    • we are seeking applications that focus on enhancing the external appearance of buildings
    • this is to encourage traditional shop frontages that harmonise with the conservation area
  • settle on a colour scheme
    • to maintain the unique character of Horbury as a conservation area, we strongly prefer the use of heritage colours
    • this approach will create a cohesive look throughout the town, while allowing each business to maintain its individuality
  • assess your shop front
    • we will only consider approaches using traditional or approved materials
  • a gantry sign should be included
    • this will make sure your business is visible to passing customers and create a unique identity for Horbury
  • pay particular attention to layout
    • we are keen to ensure a continuous, clean frontage, applicants may need to consider how they will complement their immediate neighbours
  • create a welcoming shop frontage - we can support improvements to:
    • external lighting
    • the installation of canopies
    • the installation of gantry signage

This is to create a welcoming atmosphere for your customers. The design and colour scheme should harmonise with other improvements and contribute to the traditional ambiance of the town centre

Building and business owners had until December 1, 2022, to express their interest in the scheme. The Council received over 35 Expressions of Interest and is currently reviewing them to develop a project plan. Council officers will provide recommendations for the application forms. They will work with building and business owners during the completion process.

The application forms will then be presented to a Grants Panel for approval. Once approved, Council officers will support grant recipients as they apply the changes to their buildings. It's important to note that grants will be paid upon completion and evidence of payment.

This page will be updated to showcase the exciting changes to shop fronts once the works are completed. Together, we can shape the future of Horbury.

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