Sagar Street Refurbishment Scheme

Artist’s impression of the new Sagar Street with improved pedestrian areas and enhanced shop fronts. Artist’s impression of the new Sagar Street with improved pedestrian areas and enhanced shop fronts.


The council has received a £23.9m Town Deal from the Government's Towns Fund to support a range of projects in Castleford.

These projects aim to revitalise Castleford as a distinctive riverside market town. This will leverage its rich heritage to attract new businesses and employment opportunities. Additionally, they will provide skills training opportunities and create high-quality environments for residents and visitors to enjoy.

The four projects included in our Town Deal program have had extensive public consultation since 2020. They have received endorsement from our Castleford Town Deal Board.

A home for innovative business

We’re aiming to ensure Sagar Street is a high quality, safe and pedestrian-friendly link between the riverside and the town centre, as well as a unique destination in Castleford. This means more attractive shop fronts, revitalised surfacing, improved greenery, and a new events space at Kingdom Hall.

We'll deliver this by:

  • supporting existing businesses with Shop Improvement Grants – The businesses of Sagar Street are the key element in the plan.It is their innovation and unique offer that will help attract visitors to the town. Grants are available to help make sure the quality of the buildings matches our ambition
  • refurbishing Kingdom Hall – As Castleford's oldest intact building, the Hall represents the town's rich heritage. Our plan is to restore the building and transform it into a community venue. This revitalised space will provide various opportunities for the benefit of both residents and visitors
  • enhanced Public Realm – To improve Sagar Street's connectivity and create a positive environment for businesses, we will enhance its green spaces, install seating, improve lighting, and upgrade the overall surfacing. These improvements will contribute to making Sagar Street a key link and a more attractive place for businesses to thrive.


The goal of this project is to establish a high-quality connection between the riverside and the town centre. This will provide a safe and inviting environment that encourages people to freely navigate between these two areas. It also aims to promote exploration of the unique attractions and offerings along the street itself.


  • business case submission: June 2022

  • receipt of initial funding: September 2022

  • Shop improvement scheme launched: June 2023

  • Completion of shop improvement works: late 2024

  • Restoration work and improvements to public areas completed: late 2025

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