How to apply for planning permission

We encourage applications to be submitted online via the Planning Portal.

Submitting via the Planning Portal enables you to:

  • Identify the correct planning application form and to complete form on-line
  • Attach your drawings and documents on-line
  • Buy site maps on-line
  • Calculate the planning fee using the on-line fee calculator
  • Pay for your application online if you choose

The Planning Portal has Guidance notes to create and submit an application online.

Please note your electronic files (drawings, and supporting documentation) should be no bigger than 5MB. Please refer to our Electronic Files Guide and the Planning Portals Tip to help get applications validated quicker.

If you are submitting your application on paper, then please provide only one copy of all forms, plans and other supporting documents. Paper forms are downloadable on the Planning Portal or can be found below. This does not mean that you have to submit your application online.

When making a planning application to Wakefield Council, all of the information in the Validation Checklist must, where relevant, be submitted with the application - See Checklists below.

Notice 1 (Owner/Agricultural Tenant Notification)

Please note; if someone else owns, or is an agricultural tenant of, any part of the site to which your application relates then 21 days before making an application you need to notify all other owners/agricultural tenants by downloading and sending them a completed 'Notice 1' notice.

See also National Validation Requirements and Local Validation Requirements for further guidance on what should accompany a planning application. See also Streamlining the Planning Application Process document.

Applications for Listed Building Consent or applications for sites which are in conservation areas or affect historic assets require a Heritage Statement to be submitted. For guidance on the content required for these statements please see Brief for Heritage Statement.

Please refer to our Electronic File Guide if you are submitting your application electronically.

Planning Portal Support is provided by the Planning Portal.

If you have any specific queries about completing the form or providing the necessary information, please contact us via:

Other considerations

You should also think about other requirements you might need to fulfil which may include: Building Regulations.

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