Pre-application planning advice

From 1 November 2022, the Council will be resuming a full pre-application advice service. This will include all pre-application advice categories. This includes categories 1 and 2 which were previously suspended.

Please note that, for some categories, there has been a change in the development types and/or development thresholds. A fee is now payable for all categories, and fees have increased from those previously applicable for Categories 3-5. The new categories and fees are detailed within the updated pre-application advice form.

What is pre-application advice?

Pre-application advice helps you determine if your proposed development is likely to be accepted. It also highlights key issues before you submit a formal application. 

For general inquiries or to check if you need planning permission, please visit our "Do I need planning permission?" page.

Why do we offer pre-application advice?

Pre-application discussions will help to improve the quality of your application. This in turn will reduce the likelihood of issues arising after it has been submitted. It will also help us to decide the outcome as quickly as possible.

What information do I need to provide?

The council needs detailed information to provide you with high-quality advice. We have listed the recommended information, to make sure our response offers the advice and guidance you need:

  • A location plan at a scale of not less than 1:1250 showing the site clearly marked.
  • site layout plan of not less than 1:500.
  • A full description of the existing use/s, proposed development and schedule of proposed uses.
  • photographs and drawings that describe the existing site and buildings including:
    • the location of trees, 
    • topography and landscape features
    • elevations
    • floor plans
    • adjacent buildings
    • access
    • servicing
    • parking arrangements
    • the initial architectural approach
    • materials where known
  • drawings showing the height/scale of the development.
  • drawings showing the context of the proposal with its surroundings, for example the proposal set in the existing street scene
  • any drawings that show the impact of the proposal on its surroundings e.g. streetscapes.
  • fee/receipt (if paid by cash or card).

How to request pre-application advice

To request pre application advice, please download and complete the request form.

Please attach all relevant information and send it using our contact information below.

Contact Us

Planning Services Development Management Wakefield Council Wakefield One PO Box 700 Wakefield WF1 2EB

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