Confirmation of compliance with planning conditions

You can get written confirmation that one or more planning permission condition has been met. This can be helpful when buying or selling a property.

To request this service, please send us a completed copy of the attached form. The application fee is £75. The application fee is per request and there is no limit to the number of conditions that can be included within each submission. Please note that requests will not be accepted unless we are provided a completed form and fee.

Please email the completed form to

You will then receive a reference number that will allow you to pay the fee online or via the telephone.

The process takes up to three weeks from the date we receive a request. This includes all the required information and the fee.

Any confirmation given would be without prejudice to any ongoing requirements of any condition. For example, to maintain soft landscaping for a period of 5 years following completion of the planting scheme.

You can also apply for a Lawful Development Certificate. This confirms that the proposal has been built in keeping with the plan and time limit and is lawful.  This can cost the same fee as a planning application, depending on the proposal.

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