What is Building control?

Building Regulations

The Building Control system exists to make sure that buildings are properly designed and constructed to ensure the health, safety, welfare and convenience of people using them. Building Control regulates the construction of buildings so that they meet standards set out in the Building Regulations.

Dangerous Structures

Buildings can become dangerous at any time and for a variety of reasons ranging from settlement or old age, vehicle impact, vandalism or design defects, to more dramatic causes such as fire, explosion or storm damage.

We operate a 24-hour emergency callout service

If you discover such a building contact:-

During office hours: 01924 306557
Outside of office hours: 03458 506 506

Usually Building Control Surveyors arrange for the owners of such a building to undertake the necessary work to remove the hazard. In some instances, however, if owners cannot be traced, or cannot undertake immediate action, Building Control will arrange for its own contractors to remove the danger.

In such circumstances costs incurred by the Council are recovered/recharged to the owner of the property.


Where demolition of a building takes place, the owner must inform the Council. Building Control Services control demolition work under Section 80 of the Building Act 1984, and will visit the site to ensure that precautions are in place to safeguard the public.

Minor demolition works, that is those under 50 cubic metres, are not controlled under the Building Act.

Applications for demolition should be made to Building Control, 6 weeks before the demolition starts.

Demolition Form (Section 80) Fill in online or Print, fill in and return

  • Fill in online: Save the completed form and email it to buildingcontrol@wakefield.gov.uk
  • Print, fill in and return: Send the completed form to the Building Control Manager at the address below

Following an inspection, a "Counter Notice" is served which will outline any precautionary measures required. A Section 81 Notice to persons undertaking demolition is served which will outline any precautionary measures required. Approval under Town and Country Planning Acts may also be required

Safety at Sports Ground

All sports ground owners and event organisers are advised to notify Building Control of their grounds, the sport, the ground capacity and the average attendance. We will then inspect and advise.

Large complex buildings used for major sporting events and with a capacity of 10,000 or more spectators, require a Safety Certificate under the Safety of Sports Ground Act 1975.

Street Naming and Numbering

When new developments are built the naming and numbering of buildings and streets are dealt with by Building Control.

We undertake negotiations with owners and developers, internal and external departments and agencies to ensure that street names are suitable and that no duplication or similarity exists which could lead to confusion. Once identification has been approved, we inform statutory undertakers, post office and emergency services.‚Äč

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