Building control application forms, guidance and fees

Before carrying out building work you or your agent must send in either:

  • a Full Plans submission, or
  • a Building Notice submission

A Full Plans submission

An application deposited under this procedure needs to contain plans and other information showing all construction details, preferably well in advance of when work is to start on site.

We will check your plans and consult any appropriate authorities, for example fire and sewerage. We then complete the procedure by issuing you with a decision within five weeks or, if you agree, a maximum of two months from the date of deposit.

A Building Notice submission

Plans are not required with this process so it's quicker and less detailed than the full plan's application. It is designed to enable some types of building work to get underway quickly, although it is perhaps best suited to small work.

There are also specific exclusions in the regulations as to when building notices cannot be used. These are:

  • Commercial buildings
  • Flats
  • Work over or near a public sewer

Regularisation Applications (unauthorised building work)

Where works are carried out without Building Regulations approval being sought, the owner may be prosecuted.

However to make things easier for people who wish to have work approved, there is a process called Regularisation.

A regularisation application is a retrospective application relating to previously unauthorised works, that is works carried out without Building Regulations consent, started on or after the 11 November 1985.

The purpose of the process is to regularise the unauthorised works and obtain a certificate of regularisation. Depending on the circumstances, exposure, removal and/or rectification of works may be necessary to establish compliance with the Building Regulations.

Need a map?

We now offer extracts of the most up-to-date large scale Ordnance Survey mapping for use in planning applications, Land Registry searches, boundary disputes etc.

Maps printed on demand


It is important that the appropriate payment is included with your application, otherwise it may not be processed:

Building control fees from 3 April 2023

It is possible to submit your application to us electronically. Please forward an application form and plans if applicable in an email to

Please also include details of how you wish to pay, i.e. cheque, invoice or who to telephone for payment. ​


You can save the completed form and email, or print and return it using our contact details.

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