Giant Hogweed

Giant Hogweed-Spring and Early Summer

Giant Hogweed is a harmful invasive plant near water bodies. Its sap can cause blisters and burns. When outdoors, be aware of what it looks like and avoid it. Stick to official paths, especially near water, and be cautious of the plant.

Giant Hogweed-mid to late Summer

Giant Hogweed looks a lot like Cow Parsley. It has pointed leaves and white flowers, but it is a lighter green, and it is much larger. It grows from Spring, throughout the Summer and then dies back in Autumn.

Please follow this link to some useful information and a guide to identifying Giant Hogweed which has been prepared by the Woodland Trust.

If you find Giant Hogweed on public paths or public spaces, please report it to Wakefield Council. The Council will take action to address the issue. The Council will not remove Giant Hogweed growing on private land.

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