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Located 1.5 miles east of Wakefield the village of Heath lies within the registered Common, a large grassland with areas of scrub. It is a conservation area of historic and architectural importance. The Trans Pennine Trail runs along the western edge of the Common.

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    WF1 5SW

    Open every day.

Facilities and services

  • Free parking​
  • CafĂ© and pubs
  • Access land - you can walk freely over the Common
  • Horse riding and cycling
  • Benches to sit and enjoy the views
  • Information / points of interest panel
  • Annual kite festival (it can get windy...)
  • 200 year heritage Easter fair

Historical Interest

Heath Common has been open land for a long time and was made a registered common in the late 1800s. People, including local naturalist Charles Waterton, fought against enclosing the land. There are now five big houses in the village, including Heath Hall which is a Grade 1 listed building. Some of the houses date back to the 17th century.

The Pinfold, restored in 2005, is near the car park and used to hold stray livestock until claimed by owners or sold to re-pay impounding costs. The Whittling Well, a Georgian stone arch, served as a watering point for animals and fresh water source. It still fills with rainwater during heavy rains.

Heath Common Pinfold

Nature Conservation

Horses are grazed on the Common and are tethered due to the non-fencing of the Common. Horses must have a grazing licence. The scrub areas of gorse provide shelter and nesting sites for birds.

The two ponds offer homes to frogs, toads, and smooth newts. Look out for predators such as Kestrels and Sparrow hawks above your heads.


The Heath Residents Association works with the Countryside Officers to care for the area. They currently maintain the pinfold and remove ragwort. Their goal is to enhance and protect Heath Common and its surroundings.

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