Frequently asked questions about allotments

Q – Can I (or the site) be supplied with a skip?

A – Wakefield Council no longer supplies skips to allotment sites. An individual or a group can book a skip for waste removal from the site. The individual or group must secure funding for this service.

Q – Can I request a visit from Environmental Health to investigate pest (rat) activity on my plot?

A – Yes, however this service needs to be requested directly through Environmental Health. They will investigate the issue and give advice on how to minimise the risk and prevent the problem escalating.

Q – When and how should I pay my allotment invoice?

A – Allotment invoices are issued in April or May each year. The deadline for payment is the 31 Dec of the same year. It is encouraged that the invoice paid as soon as possible. Payment plans are possible by contacting the Councils Finance department, payment plans must finish before the 31 Dec. Failure to pay will result in a termination of your allotment garden.

Q – Is it possible for me to hand my plot over to someone else?

A – No. All plots are allocated by Street Scene Estates. However, if  requested, a plot may be allowed to be passed between close family members if the plot holder finds it difficult to continue.

Q – Is it possible for me to take a second plot as the one at the side of mine is overgrown?

A – Whilst we continue to have people on the waiting list, second plots will not be allocated. All vacant plots will be passed to the person at the top of the waiting list.

Q – I am currently on the waiting list, can I have the vacant plot on this site?

A – No. All vacant plots will be passed to the person at the top of the waiting list.

Q – The site currently has an issue with pest control, can I use my air rifle to control pests?

A – No. The Council does not allow shooting air rifles on its land. Any issues with pest control must be passed to Environmental Health to investigate.

Q – I have a large area that I am not currently using, can I cover this area with carpet as a weed suppressant?

A – No. Carpets contain chemicals which will pass into the ground and effect future growth. Carpets also allow weeds to grow through or in them. If left in place too long the land will take hold and make it difficult to remove. There are many purpose-designed weed suppressants on the market to use.

Q –There is an abandoned plot on site, can I take it?

A – No. All plots are offered through the waiting list with the person at the top of the list being offered first.

Q – I am not on the waiting list; can I have a plot on the site?

A – No. You must apply and be placed on the waiting list, when you get to the top you will be offered.

Q – My house is adjoining the allotments; can I take a plot at the rear of my house?

A – No. You must apply and be placed on the waiting list, when you get to the top you will be offered the first vacant plot. If the plot becomes vacant after that you can then transfer plots.

Q – Where am I on the waiting list?

A – When you applied you were given an application number. This will be needed to trace your application.

Q – How long will I have to wait on the waiting list?

A – It is not possible to say how long it will take to get to the top of the list.

Q – Can I apply for more than one site?

A – Yes, through the online application form.

Q – If I refuse the offer of a plot, do I go to the bottom of the waiting list?

A – No, not immediately. You will be offered 3 reasonable refusals before your application is deemed as Nil and Void. At this point you will be removed from all subsequent waiting lists.

Q – My name is on the waiting list, but it is a friend/family member who will be using the plot, is that OK?

A – No, the agreement would be in your name, and you would be the main user, if the plot is for someone else, they must apply.

Q – I have been evicted from a plot in the past, can I apply for another one?

A – No, having been evicted from a Council allotment you cannot re-apply.

Q – Can I plant a tree?

A – Yes, however due to sunlight shade and maintenance this MUST be planted in a pot so it can be removed at a later date.

Q – How do I request a visit from Pest Control?

A – All pests are there due to poor husbandry by plot holders. If you require Pest Control, you must request this through Environmental Health.

Q – How do I pay my allotment invoice?

A – Full instructions are given on the rear of the invoice.

Q – Can I keep a cockerel on my plot?

A – No, allotment law prevents plot holders from keeping cockerels.

Q – Can I keep goats and pigs?

A – No, Wakefield Council only allows fowl. However, those plot holders with grandfather rights can keep other animals until the end of their life. They must not be replaced.

Q – Can I hold a party on my plot?

A – No, allotment garden are for growing food produce and are not areas for parties or gatherings.

Q – Can I build a pond?

A – No, when a plot holder hands back an allotment garden this must be ready for the next tenant. When a pond is dug the soil is then spread across the plot and therefore no longer there to re-fill the hole. There is also an issue with Health and Safety.

Q – Can I stay on my plot overnight?

A – No, all allotment gardens must be vacated during silent hours.

Q – Can I order some wood chippings from the Council?

A – Yes, please visit the Council online allotment webpages. Wood chippings will be delivered when the arbor team are working in your area.

Q – Can I light a bonfire?

A – Yes, however strict rules apply for the safeguarding of neighbouring properties. Please visit the Council online allotment webpages for information on times when fires can be lit.

Q – My plot is too large, can I split my plot in half?

A – Yes, this is possible, however the shape and location of the plot will decide how this can be done. Contact Street Scene and discuss the matter.

Q – How would I go about terminating my Allotment Garden Agreement

A – The Council requires you to complete a termination form to allow your details to be removed from the allocations database. A termination form should be requested from the Site Secretary or by contacting

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