Switchover to digital phone lines

What is the Digital Switchover or ‘landline switch off’?

The UK’s telephone network is changing. Most telephone providers will switch from analogue landlines to digital ones by 2025.  This will affect services like home phones and healthcare devices that use analogue landlines.

How will it affect me? What do I need to do?

Don't worry, your landline will still be available. We want to help you get ready for this change, so want you to know what to expect. For many residents and businesses, this change will be straightforward. Many customers are already switching to digital landlines when they get full fibre broadband.

Before the switchover, your telecoms' provider (Virgin Media, O2 or BT) should be in contact with you. They will let you know what you need to do to make sure your service isn’t affected. If you have internet, all you may need to do is plug your phone into the broadband router instead of the wall socket.

Do you or someone you know use a landline or a telecare device connected to a phone line, like a fall monitor, lifeline or alarm? If so, you should let your telecoms' provider (the company that provides this service) know. They can explain how the switch may affect you.

Devices connected to your phone line, such as alarm systems, may need upgrading to work on a digital line. If you're unsure whether the change could affect a device you have, contact the supplier or manufacturer to see if it will work on a digital line.

In an emergency

Digital landlines don't work in power cuts as they cannot carry a power connection. If you don't have another way to call the emergency services like a mobile phone, don't worry. Your telecoms' provider will have a solution for you.

Telecare scam warning

Be aware of phone calls from scammers requesting you pay or renew telecare over the phone. Callers claim to be from the new provider, and they ask for bank details to set up a new direct debit.

Wakefield Council will never ask you to pay for your telecare over the telephone. Nor would our telecare service provider WDH Carelink. 

If scammers contact you:

You can sign up to the Telephone Preference Service (TPS) which allows you to opt out of marketing calls? Click here to go to the TPS website.

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