Things to see and do at Wakefield Museum

Sandal Castle Ring

Sandal Castle was once a fearsome fortress. It saw historic events like the Wars of the Roses. Some of the precious items found by archaeologists are very personal. This 500-year-old ring bears the romantic message ‘I’m all yours’ in medieval French. 

A golden ring with engravings

Slazenger Challenge 4-Star Footballs

Did you know that the iconic footballs used in the 1966 World Cup came from Horbury? The Slazenger factory team hand-stitched all the balls for the tournament. See an example of the ball and the tools used to make it in our Playmakers display.

A big orange coloured football

Ryan Jarman’s Fender Mustang Guitar

Wakefield is proud to be ‘Home of The Cribs’, the award-winning rock band. Frontman Ryan Jarman played this guitar all around the world. 
Marvel at the gravity-defying display and find out more about Wakefield’s music scene. 

A young boy looking at a blue guitar in display

The Front Room

Compare your kitchen to our Victorian range. 
'Cook’ up a treat in our child-sized recreated 1950s kitchen.

A wardrobe, living room and kitchen in display

Victorian Prison Door and Bars

Put yourself behind bars and imagine what life was like behind the heavy wooden doors of Wakefield Prison in the late 1800s.

A young boy looking scared and peeping from behind a big brown door

Friend or Foe?

It’s World War Two and the air raid sirens are blaring in Wakefield! But can you spot which planes are British, and which are the enemy? If you correctly identify the aircraft in the searchlights you’ll hear the All-Clear sound.

A corner displaying various airplane posters

Moving Stories Exhibition

Take a peek behind the scenes and find out how we plan to turn an empty, old department store into awe-inspiring museum galleries as we prepare for the big move in 2025!

Check out our blog for more on the exhibition!

Wakefield Museum logo. Heading below says "Moving Stories" and text underneath says "Wakefield Museum is getting ready to move! Take a peek behind the scenes and have your say in our new interactive exhibition. Opening 6 February 2023.

What's On

We have a regular programme of events and activities at the Museum throughout the year. Click here for info on upcoming events.

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