Access at Wakefield Museum

Wakefield Museum is committed to being accessible for everyone. Here you can find information about accessible facilities and resources across our site. These will help you plan your visit.

Accessible parking

  • the nearest Blue Badge parking is on Burton Street, WF1 2EB, but spaces are limited.


  • staff are on hand to help in any way we can and wear a black uniform. There is always a member of staff in the museum reception

  • volunteers are often in the building and are also available to help. They wear a green uniform

Moving around our spaces

Please note the lift inside the museum up to Wakefield Library is currently out of order. Staff can help you find the alternative lift.

  • view our visual story at Wakefield Museum
  • there are three exhibition areas and they are all on a level surface accessed from the entrance on Cliff Lane. You can download a floor plan of the museum here.
  • some of our exhibition spaces have low light levels to protect delicate objects on display
  • sometimes our exhibitions include audio
  • the museum is level access throughout
  • this map shows the sensory environment of the museum. You can download the sensory map before your visit here. Copies of the sensory map will also be available at the front desk at the museum.
  • the learning space can be found within the library which is one floor above the museum and can be accessed by a lift or stairs
  • we can provide chairs if you need to sit down during your visit
  • we have Makaton signage next to our star objects

Fire alarm testing

The fire alarms in Wakefield One are tested every Thursday at 11am.

Relaxed openings

Every Thursday from 4pm to 6.30pm at Wakefield Museum is a relaxed opening session. You can explore the Museum in a quieter, more relaxed setting.

Everybody is welcome!

This means that any loud noises will be turned down or turned off. It will not be busy. You can be yourself. 

We have fidget and sensory objects to help you relax and explore. There is a pop-up tent quiet space if you need it.
You can also try our activity sheets and crafts. 

Entry is still free. You do not need to book.

Email any suggestions for our Relaxed Openings to

Relaxed Crafts: Time for Tea - Tuesday 18 June 2024, 10am to 12pm

Come to Wakefield Museum Learning Zone and take part in creative activities on the theme of tea.

See some beautiful teapots and tea cups from the museum collections. 
Mix your own tea to taste or take home. Paint patterns or pictures with tea.

This will be a relaxed session, with a friendly welcome. Stay as long or short as you want. 
This activity is free and you do not have to book to take part. 

This workshop is part of Learning Disability Week.
It is for learning disabled adults and their family and friends. 

Pick and Mix station

multi-sensory Pick and Mix station at Wakefield Museum

We've now got a multi-sensory Pick and Mix station at Wakefield Museum.

It’s full of beautiful tactile tools and resources to support you on your visit. 

You can find the Pick and Mix station just inside the entrance at the Museum.

Choose from a range of items from the Explore, Touch, See and Sound drawers.

You can fill up a backpack with your choice of items and take with you around the galleries.

Toilets and baby changing

  • public toilets can be found on the floor above the museum and can be accessed via a lift or stairs.
  • we do not have changing places facilities. The nearest changing place facility is in The Ridings Shopping Centre, WF2 1DS, which 0.5 miles away.

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