Apprenticeship interview preparation tips

We have made this helpful guidance, to prepare for interviews for apprenticeships at the council.

Helpful tips for interview preparation:

  • read your application to refresh what you’d put
  • look at the Job Specification and think of potential questions. Make a note of them
  • practise answering these questions
  • give full answers, it’s your chance to sell yourself, but stick to the question. Tell the truth, don’t make it up
  • learn from previous interview feedback if you have some

The Interview:

  • if by Skype, log on early and have your mobile phone ready as a back-up
  • if face to face, arrive early and dress smart
  • Listen very carefully to the questions
  • answer the questions fully and clearly
  • don’t say “stuff like that” as it tells us nothing
  • where possible, say what you did, why you did it and what you learned form it - give examples.
  • seek feedback if unsuccessful


  • prepare before the interview
  • practise some potential questions
  • be early, whether it’s by Skype or face to face
  • answer the questions as asked
  • give full answers, where possible saying what you have done

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