Healthy Housing

Please note, we only accept applications from those who are privately renting or own their own homes. WDH tenants can get in touch with WDH's Cashwise service by emailing

For help with budgeting and finances or calling WDH One Call on 0345 8 507 507 for assistance with repairs.

Please be aware that funding for heating upgrades and insulation are paused and will start again in the summer.

Please note that inquiries regarding disrepair in privately rented accommodation, landlord issues, and financial problems are not impacted by this situation.

Wakefield Healthy Housing Pathway

The Wakefield Healthy Housing Pathway is a scheme that looks to provide support for individuals or families with the following issues

  • fuel poverty

  • high energy bills

  • cold, damp, or draughty housing

  • broken heating or hot water systems

  • poor or hazardous housing conditions

  • problems with private landlords

Some of the ways the scheme could look to assist are:

  • grants and loans available to help with the cost of making home heating and insulation improvements to reduce energy costs

  • assistance with fuel debt and income maximisation

  • intervention with landlords to resolve ongoing repair/standards issues

  • referrals to other appropriate agencies

  • energy efficiency advice for the home

Please note, for all referrals, you must have the consent from the individual being referred to share their personal details with Wakefield Council.

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