Private sector leasing scheme

This scheme was established in 2005 in a bid to tackle the rising number of homeless households living in bed and breakfast-accommodations in the district.

Properties are leased from the landlord and let by the Council to people who are homeless or to other vulnerable households.

We are responsible for managing the property and the tenancy agreement will be between the Council and our tenant.


The scheme provides private landlords with a three-year lease that can be extended for an extra year by mutual agreement.

As part of the arrangement, we offer a fixed 10 percent reduction on the market rent determined by the Council's Asset Management Service. Rent payments are made to the landlord in advance, usually at the start of each month.

We are responsible for the repair and replacement of any deliberately damaged items. However, the landlord is responsible for: 

  • The general maintenance of the property
  • The exterior of the building
  • Insuring the property
  • Other specific requirements as set out under the terms of the lease

This is similar to the leases with which landlords are already familiar.

Private landlords who join the scheme will benefit from:

  • no void costs
  • long lease term
  • guaranteed monthly income
  • one point of contact within the council
  • enhanced accommodation management

Private Landlords interested in this scheme must also be registered as a Responsible Landlord. This can be done with the Wakefield Responsible Landlord Scheme.

If you would like further details concerning the Wakefield Responsible Landlords Scheme, please contact Strategic Housing using the details below.

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