The Director of Public Health Report for Wakefield District focuses on the importance of valuing and supporting working carers. Working carers can be anyone around you, such as colleagues or managers, who care for someone who is unable to manage on their own.

Our goal in Wakefield is to ensure a good life for everyone, including unpaid working carers. They play a crucial role in balancing their caregiving responsibilities with their jobs, and society relies on them.

This report provides guidance for both working carers and employers. It offers simple steps employers can take to improve the lives of their staff. This is alongside supporting them in their caregiving responsibilities while maintaining their employment.

One in seven workers are unpaid carers.

Support carers. Boost your business.

Support Available for Carers in Wakefield

Free Support Available for Employers in Wakefield

Wakefield Council has acquired the Employers for Carers online resource from Carers UK. This resource aims to assist businesses in Wakefield in understanding how they can support working carers.

The resources provided include:

  • helpful guides
  • e-learning modules for managers and staff
  • examples of best practices
  • sample policies
  • case studies

Recommendations - How can Employers Support Working Carers

  1. find out which of your employees are working carers

  2. identify working carer champions within your organisation

  3. develop and/or review your workplace support and policies

  4. ensure that support is in place and is clearly communicated to all staff

  5. equip your managers with skills to support working carers and make sure they develop a system to encourage compliance

  6. create opportunities for working carers to support one another

  7. ensure job opportunities and promotions are flexible, and support applications from working carers

  8. monitor, evaluate and review your approaches to supporting working carers

  9. communicate clearly that you are a working carer friendly employer and what additional support you offer

  10. sign up to the free Employers for Carers resources


The resources can be accessed for free at

Use membership code #EFC2344 to create an account

Digital Resource for Carers - Access to Free Online Information

Carers in the Wakefield district now have free access to an online resource developed by Carers UK. This resource provides valuable and current information to support carers in their roles. It includes a free care coordination app, e-learning courses, and other helpful resources. To access these resources for free, visit and use the code DGTL7298.

Carers Wakefield and District (Carers Service)

Carers Wakefield and District support carers and young adult carers who live in the Wakefield area. They provide the following support to carers:

  • confidential information and advice about benefits and services available for the carer and/or the person being cared for

  • one to one support catering to the individual needs of the carer

  • delivery of regular carer peer support groups (face to face and online)

  • information and support to access personal grants and respite breaks

  • delivery of training & workshops on specific carer issues

  • regular peer support groups for young adult carers. This includes offer of activities and group excursions

  • Information and advice to any carer who has a family member, friend or relative admitted to Pinderfields, Pontefract or Dewsbury Hospital
    • this prepares carers to be able to continue caring once the person is discharged

  • a regular programme of social events for carers

  • digital support to carers via their Digital Champion role

For more information visit:

Age UK

We offer service users and their carers a range of support services including information, advice, and guidance. We also provide:

  • advocacy services
  • bereavement advice and support
  • befriending
  • insurance services
  • shopping services
  • access to support groups
  • home support services

Find more information on Age UK's website here

01977 552114

Wakefield Alzheimer's Society

We provide 1:1 support for individuals with dementia, their carers, and family members. This includes access to information, advice, and referrals to relevant resources.

We also offer:

  • information workshops
  • help to find hobbies and activities through volunteers
  • support groups
  • social events
Find more information on the Alzheimer's Society website here

01924 373264

Offering free, impartial information and advice and support to carers of children and young people who have, or may have special educational needs or disability.

Find more information on the Barnardo's website here

01924 304152

Live Well Wakefield

Social wellbeing support is delivered by Live Well Wakefield. It provides the following support to residents:

  • provision of information, advice and support to people experiencing a range of non-clinical needs, this includes:
    • social isolation
    • falls
    • reduced mobility
    • long term conditions
    • employment or financial issues

  • helping people access the most appropriate services available to meet their needs
    • this promotes independence and improving long-term health and wellbeing outcomes

  • delivery of evidence based self-management courses and face to face workshops
    • these support people to manage symptoms associated with a range of long-term conditions (including long COVID) whilst offering vital peer support

Find more information on the Live Well Wakefield website here

01924 255363

Primary Care

Wakefield Council is partnering with NHS England to fund Carers and Wakefield District and collaborate with General Practice and Primary Care Homes. Their aim is to implement the newly developed (CQC) Quality Markers for Carers. This ensures that carers are recognised and supported in their local practice. They will also provide referrals to community and specialist support when needed.

Find more information on the NHS England website here


Wakefield Council, in collaboration with Mid-Yorkshire Hospital Trust and Carers and Wakefield District, is introducing a new carer support service based in hospitals. Carer Support Workers will assist in identifying and supporting carers while their loved ones are hospitalised. They will provide information, advice, and help carers prepare for continuing care after discharge. The trust has also developed a 'Family, Friends and Carers Charter'. This is to establish carer-friendly spaces within the hospital.

More information:

South West Yorkshire Partnership NHS Foundation Trust webpage

All hospitals in the district are signed up to John’s Campaign allowing people who care for someone living with dementia to be able to stay with them when they are in hospital.

Find more information on the John's Campaign website here
For more about how carers are accommodated in our hospitals, view the Support in Hospitals page here.

Young Carers

Wakefield Council has dedicated Young Carers Champions based in the Children’s First Hubs.

The Youth Work Team offer a young carers support group for over 11’s.

WY&H partnership has awarded funding to Young Lives, and Wakefield CCG has funded a worker to work alongside the Children First Hubs and the Youth Work Team to help schools to identify and support young carers. A pathway has been developed to strengthen this area of work.

Personalised Care

Carers Wakefield and District are delivering an expert patient programme for carers. The 'Caring for Me and You' course helps carers of individuals with mental health conditions to manage their own health and well-being while providing care.

More information:

St George's Community Centre

Kinsley and Fitzwilliam Resource Centre

01977 610931

The Standbridge Centre

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