Smoke-free Wakefield district campaigns

Smoking rates in Wakefield remain high compared to the national and regional averages.

In recent years there has been good progress in reducing smoking rates in Wakefield. This is thanks to local, regional, and national initiatives.

However, smoking prevalence remains higher than the national average. In 2021, 15.6% of the adult population in Wakefield were smokers compared to 13% nationally.

In Wakefield, we are involved in both local, regional and national innovative campaigns in order to

  • support the de-normalisation of smoking

  • reduce the overall smoking rate in Wakefield district, specifically among target groups

  • increase self-referrals into the Wakefield Specialist Stop Smoking Service

Some of the campaigns are listed below:

Breathe 2025: Regional campaign aimed at de-normalising smoking among young people. The Breathe 2025 vision is to see the next generation of children born and raised in a place free from tobacco, where smoking is unusual.

Stoptober: An annual national campaign encouraging smokers to give up for 28 days in October.

National No Smoking Day (March)

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