Electoral Boundaries

Parliamentary Boundary Review 2023

The Boundary Commission for England (BCE) is the independent organisation that reviews parliamentary constituency boundaries.

The BCE has completed the 2023 Review of Parliamentary constituencies in England.  It has submitted its final report and recommendations to Government.

The Government will now draft an "Order".  This will include recommendations of all four Parliamentary Boundary Commissions in the UK.

On approval of that Order, the new constituencies will be in place for the next General election.  For any by-election that happens before then, current constituencies will be in place.

When these changes take place, four new boundaries will cover the Wakefield district. One of the new constituencies will include an area within Leeds City council.  One of the new constituencies will include wards within Kirklees Council.

Further information about the review can be found on the BCE website here.

Statutory Review of Polling Districts, Polling Places and Polling Stations

The most recent review which commenced from July 2019 is now complete, and the review period has ended. The final recommendations were approved by the full Council in January 2020. The changes proposed in the review came into effect alongside the Register of Electors 2020, which was published on 31 January 2020.

The review was part of a legal requirement to periodically review the polling districts and polling places in our area. The Electoral Services Team used the opportunity to assess the polling stations which are currently in use as part of the wider review of polling districts and polling places. Submissions were requested from a variety of bodies throughout two different consultation periods.

The final report can be viewed here.

The report contains all the submissions received, considerations which were taken and proposed changes. Any correspondence and representations received were anonymised before publication to remove the names and addresses of individuals.

Details of any further reviews will be published on this page.

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