Household Support Fund

The Government has provided additional funding, known as the Household Support Fund, to help with important things like gas, electricity and food during April 2024 to September 2024.

This funding will be used in the ways described on this page.

Help with food costs for low income families

Supermarket vouchers will be issued to households who are in receipt of Council Tax Support.

Households Amount of supermarket voucher When will it be issued
Pensioners* £75 3 June 2024 to 12 June 2024
Disabled residents* £75 17 June 2024 to 26 June 2024
All other households in receipt of Council Tax Support EXCEPT families £75 28 June 2024
Families with at least one child £75 18 July 2024

*excludes pensioners and disabled residents who also have children - these residents will receive their vouchers in July with the other families.

Eligible households do not need to apply for these vouchers. They will be issued automatically.

Please allow up to 7 days for the voucher to arrive.

Full instructions on how redeem the voucher will be included in the letter. Once the voucher has been redeemed, it doesn’t have to be spent all at once. It can be used several times until the entire amount has been spent.

Please note that receipt of these vouchers will not affect entitlement to any other benefits you may be receiving.

What else will the Fund will cover?

The Fund will also provide support to vulnerable households in most need of support to help with significantly rising living costs; particularly those who may not have received any other forms of Cost-of- Living support. 

If you are struggling with the increase in the cost of living, the Fund can help you with:

  • food and housekeeping (including toiletries, baby essentials, etc)
  • other essential bills (mobile phones, top-ups, broadband charge, etc)
  • gas and electricity
  • clothing - including school uniforms
  • essential white goods
  • beds and bedding package
  • carpets - limited choice will be available

Please note the Fund is not a cash provision and any help with water or phone bills will be by way of a supermarket voucher so that the money you normally spend on food can be put towards these bills. Gas and electric help will be by way of pre-payment top-up vouchers or an energy card for people who pay by direct debit or other means.

Any help that you receive from the Fund will not affect entitlement to any other benefits you may be receiving.

What the Fund will not cover

The Fund will not cover:

  • cash payments
  • mortgage costs
  • rent or housing arrears
  • non-urgent items such as new furniture and TVs
  • debt repayments including loans and credit cards

Who can apply

To apply you must:

  • live in the Wakefield district
  • be over the age of 16 and not living with family or friends
  • be responsible for the rent/mortgage and other bills for your home
  • not have sufficient money to pay your essential bills
  • be on a low income
  • if you have no recourse to public funds, you are still eligible to apply. We may be able to support you regardless

Who can’t apply 

You can’t apply if you have savings over the value of £6,000 (proof of savings under £6,000 will be required).

IMPORTANT  - You can only make one application.

How to apply for HSF

We have a form and guidance on what is needed to make an application.


Additional funding has also been provided to support residents who need support in times of emergency or crisis.

For more information on how to apply for this support, visit our Local Welfare Provision webpage.

You can also find more information about other help that may be available to you on the Government's Cost of Living Hub webpage.

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