Skip Hire terms and conditions

By making a booking for a skip you are agreeing in full to the following terms and conditions. Please ensure that you understand these terms and conditions as failure to comply may result in extra charges being incurred. 

You can cancel your booking at any time up to 24 hours before delivery, however please note that refunds may not be issued if bookings are cancelled with less than 24 hours’ notice. To cancel call us on 0345 8 506 506.

Loading Procedure

As the hirer it is your responsibility to ensure the following procedures are strictly followed.

For skips sited on private land it is the hirer's responsibility to:

  1. ensure the land will withstand the weight of the vehicle and a fully laden skip. The Council will not be held liable for any damage caused. 
  2. ensure there is a minimum of 3 metres (10 feet) width safe access.
  3. if the skip cannot be sited on private land a skip licence will be obtained to site the skip on the highway (highway is classed as public land i.e. road or grass verge). This will be at an additional cost as a skip road licence is required Wakefield Council will not permit our skips to be sited on pavements. Skips that require a licence can only be placed on the road or grass verge (subject to ensuring access).
  4. ensure there are no obstacles where the skip is sited. if the skip cannot be placed in the area detailed upon booking there may be additional charges incurred.
  5. delivery and collection times are between 7.30am and 4.00pm Monday to Friday. If a specific time has been requested we will endeavour to adhere to but there are occasions when this is not possible. WMDC will not take any responsibility for missing a delivery or collection time specified at the time of booking.
  6. ensure skip does not contain any hazardous/difficult waste as detailed on Page 2. 
  7.  the skip must not be overloaded or overweight; if the skip is deemed to be unsafe for transportation it will not be collected until all protruding items are removed and an abortive call charge (at an additional cost) will be incurred.
  8. the skip must not be moved from the location it was delivered on as this may cause access problems on collection and subsequently abortive call charges.
  9. as the hirer you are responsible for the skip and its contents whilst it is onsite, therefore any costs incurred to the Council due to any of the previous points or fire damage will be charged to the hirer in the form of an invoice.


A graphic of a skip overflowing with waste. There is an "X" on it with text reading "Level fill only" to show that skips should only be filled to the fill line.
A skip with no waste hanging out an a tick on it. Text on the skip says "Do not overfill" with a fill line just under it.

Please note; failure to comply with any of the procedures may result in extra charges being incurred.

What can I put in the skip? 

Your skip can contain

  • bricks, soil, rubble
  • domestic waste
  • garden waste
  • gas cookers – not electrical
  • mattresses
  • carpet
  • furniture that is does not contain foam
  • tiles and ceramic
  • plastic
  • wood (e.g. fences, sheds, cupboards, doors)
  • metal (including empty tins)
  • polystyrene
  • cardboard

Your skip cannot contain

  • asbestos (Any material that looks like asbestos will not be collected unless proof that is not asbestos can be provided. Prior to booking)
  • any electrical Items such as TV’s, fridges or small appliances
  • sofa’s or foam upholstered furniture. This is due to POP’s (Persistent Organic Pollutants) found in some of the materials used to make them
  • corrosives e.g. Bases (sodium hydroxide)
  • waste with a high or low PH level
  • flammable material e.g. solvents, thinners, solvent based print waste
  • gas bottles, fire extinguishers or pressurised cylinders
  • petrol
  • infectious/medical, clinical waste or medication
  • animal carcasses
  • liquids in any form including cooking oils, paints, solvents, fuel, industrial sludges etc. EVEN IF IN A SEALED CONTAINER
  • raw meat
  • batteries e.g. car batteries, Ni-Cd batteries, mercury batteries
  • contaminants e.g. oily rags, oil filters
  • tyres
  • plasterboard if mixed with other waste. However, a full skip of only plasterboard can be taken if it is declared upon time of booking

Any additional costs incurred through any aspect of disposal, handling, treatment, or storage of any such waste will be charged.

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