Alcohol, late night food and regulated entertainment

Learn more about alcohol, late-night food, and regulated entertainment licensing including the licensing act 2003, premises and club premises licences and temporary events notices, and personal licences.

a bar with beer pumps and a glass with straws on the bar
  • Licensing Act 2003

    Read more about the licensing act 2003 the act makes provisions for the regulation of the sale and supply of alcohol, the provision of entertainment and the provision of late night refreshment.
  • Premises and club premises licences

    Read how you can apply for a premises licence, what you will need to supply to apply, the duration of the licence, and altering your licence.
  • Temporary event notice and personal licences

    Find out when you need to hold a premises licence or give notice if you are holding a one-off event or special occasion involving alcohol, entertainment, or late-night refreshment.

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