Business Rates - essential information

Business Rates (National Non-Domestic Rates) are a Government tax on commercial property.

Business Rates are payable on most non-domestic property. If a property is used both for living accommodation and running a business, for example a public house or a shop with a flat above, then both Council Tax and Business Rates will normally be payable.

The tax is assessed by an agency of H.M. Revenue and Customs called the Valuation Office Agency which compiles and maintains the local Rating List which shows the address, description and Rateable Value of every assessment within the Wakefield Council area. It is available online here.  Periodic re-valuations ensure that Rateable Values reflect the local rental market for commercial premises.

The local authority is responsible for billing, collecting and enforcement of Business Rates in accordance with the relevant legislation.  Approximately 50 per cent of the amount collected in Rates is retained by the Council (the remainder being paid over to Central Government). 

The Council’s proportion of Business Rates collected plus income from the Council Tax, Government funding and income from other sources is used to help pay for the local services which we provide, together with services such as the Police, Fire, Public Transport and Flood Defences.

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