Other types of relief

Transitional Relief

After every general revaluation, a transitional phasing scheme is implemented. This is to minimise changes in the Business Rates you need to pay. This scheme can be intricate, but the Business Rates Section can provide a personalised explanation if requested.

If you qualify for any relief, it will be automatically reflected on your bill. There is no need to apply separately for it.

Supporting Small Businesses Relief (SSBR)

The Support Small Business Relief (SSBR) scheme increases to £600 per year for businesses losing Small Business Rates Relief at the 2023 Revaluation.

This scheme helps businesses facing significant bill increases by capping their rate rise. The cash increase is limited to £600 per year, ensuring businesses won't experience large bill hikes in 2023/24. 

Eligible businesses remain in the scheme for up to five years or until they reach the bill they would have paid without the scheme. 

You don't need to apply as entitled relief will automatically appear on your bill.

Rate Relief for certain types of Rural Businesses

Certain businesses may be entitled to relief. This is if they are the only such business in a qualifying area, and their Rateable Value is below a certain level.

Examples of these include:

  • village shops and post offices
  • public houses
  • petrol filling stations

Hardship Relief

Wakefield Council has the discretion to give relief in special and exceptional circumstances. This is where it can be clearly demonstrated that the local Council Taxpayers would suffer if it were not to do so.

For further information please contact the Business Rates office.

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