Renewal of vows

Two silver forks inscribed with "I still do" and "me too"

A Renewal of Vows Ceremony lets you and your partner reaffirm your marriage or civil partnership vows, showing your continued love and commitment.

It's a chance to celebrate a special anniversary or recreate your ceremony for family and friends who couldn't attend the first time. Or, you might just want to express your love for each other again.

The venue

Your Renewal of Vows Ceremony can take place at one of our Ceremony venues in Wakefield.

Book your ceremony or reschedule

Once you pick your venue, you'll need to reserve a date and time for your ceremony. Our online form isn't connected to our online diary, so we'll need to confirm availability before finalising your booking. 

Bookings must be made online, not over the phone. You'll receive confirmation within 5 days. Please note, ceremonies must be arranged at least 12 weeks in advance.

The ceremony

Once you've booked a celebrant, we'll give you our Renewal of Vows Guide. This explains the decisions you'll need to make before the ceremony.

If you want to alter the ceremony's date, time, or venue, you'll need to submit a written request and pay a fee for the changes.

Visit our bespoke ceremony meetings page if you'd like to meet with our team to plan your day in detail.

Your booking is finalised once you've made the last payment and submitted your ceremony arrangement for. This must be done at least 8 weeks before the ceremony.

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