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Wakefield Registration and Celebratory Services is committed to improving service delivery and increasing customer satisfaction by making sure that the Service reflects the needs of its customers.

In order to do this it is important to seek the views and experiences of all those to whom the service is connected, including staff, stakeholders, customers and the public.


Our performance during the month of February 2024.

Customer feedback

We are continuously seeking feedback to help improve the service we provide to our customers. You can help us do this by completing a ‘Customer Feedback’ online form.

In July 2023 100% of customers commented that our service was satisfactory or better.


Our customer engagement strategy has been developed to ensure that all consultation undertaken is effective, efficient and consistent. We aim to continuously improve our service through our consultation process.

Registration Service Delivery Plan

This service delivery plan describes how the local Registration Service (Wakefield Registration & Celebratory Services) is structured, managed and delivered. It outlines the range of functions provided and how and where these services can be accessed. It includes the key service priorities and service deliverables achieved in 2021/2022 and those set for 2022/2023.

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