Drinking water

Almost all drinking water in the area is provided by Yorkshire Water.  If you are worried about the colour, smell or quality of drinking water, or you are having a problem with your supply, you should contact Yorkshire Water

Yorkshire Water's performance is regulated by OFWAT, if you have any issue which the Water Company has not been able to resolve, you should contact OFWAT.  

Private Water Supplies

Instead of getting drinking water from Yorkshire Water, it is possible for people and businesses to get their own supply of water from springs, wells and boreholes.  Anyone in the Wakefield district who has, or is thinking about, a private water supply for drinking water, or for use in commercial food production, must contact us as we regulate private water supplies.

To make sure private water supplies are safe, we carry out a risk assessment and take samples of the water for testing. There is a charge for this service. Table below shows the current charging rates, which follow government guidance.

Water testing costs



Risk Assessment

£63.06 per hour, plus 45p per mile

Sampling Visit

£63.06 per hour, plus 45p per mile


£63.06 per hour, plus 45p per mile

Granting an Authorisation

£63.06 per hour, plus 45p per mile

Analysing a sample -

- taken under Regulation 10

Laboratory cost per sample

- taken during check monitoring

Laboratory cost per sample

- taken during audit monitoring

Laboratory cost per sample

Further information on drinking water quality and the laws which apply can be found from the Drinking Water Inspectorate who oversee all types of drinking water, including those from water companies and private water supplies.

If you take water from a river, lake, spring or underground aquifer then you may also need permission from the Environment Agency.

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