Report a problem with a dog litter bin

three dogs walking on leads

Before you start your request

This form is for requesting a new dog bin, requesting that a dog bin be emptied, or requesting that a dog bin be moved.

You will need to tell us:

  • the exact location of the bin in question

  • if the bin needs emptying, relocating, or removing, or if a new bin needs to be added to that location

Other information

We are responsible for keeping the area clean and free of litter.

We will:

  • continuously clean town centres
  • clean main roads once a week
  • patrol other streets and roads regularly, collecting litter
  • remove fly-tipping when reported
  • empty litter bins before they are full

Report an issue with dog litter bins or request a dog litter bin

If you wish to report an issue with dog litter bins, please fill in our online form. After which you will get an application number. If you provide us with an email address an automated acknowledgment of your request will be sent to you.

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