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Do you want to make a difference to someone's life in Wakefield?

We are looking for caring people in Wakefield to work with adults, young people, children and carers in the area.

We are inviting individuals interested in a unique care role to join our PA Finder register. This register is specifically for personal assistants (PAs) seeking employment and is accessible online.

It is designed for people with disabilities who need support to live independently and receive direct payment from Wakefield Metropolitan District Council.

The register is managed by Penderels Trust in collaboration with the council.

Penderels Trust supports hundreds of disabled people in Wakefield. Many of them employ their own PA using their direct payment.

The advisors at Penderels Trust assist employers in accessing PA Finder. This to find potential candidates before posting job advertisements.

This gives those registered on the platform the greatest opportunity to secure a job.

What is a Personal Assistant (PA)?

A PA is employed directly by an individual who has a disability or health care condition and lives independently in their own home.

Being a PA is different to other care roles. You work one-to-one with the person you support which means you can make a real difference to their life.

Recent quotes from employers who have a PA include: "It enables my son to have a social life that doesn't involve Mum or Dad, he can go out with his PA" (family with older child with disabilities) and "It [a direct payment] has helped me get out and about and I have a PA who is brilliant" (direct payment employer with physical disabilities).

It is a very rewarding job for PAs too. They said:

"Being a PA means you have time – I can help A to shave rather than doing it for him which would be quicker, he's a proud man, it makes all the difference" (PA to older man with dementia).

Another PA said:

"It's not really like a job, it's great. I can take S out to her activities (which I love too) and give her Mum some time to spend with the other children, it helps the whole family" (PA to family with a child with disabilities).

When we asked about the benefits of being on the register, a PA said:

"I would say get yourself on there as soon as possible; I found 3 jobs through the register".

Previous care experience is not always necessary for many employers. The most important qualities are having the right values and behaviours and being able to work in a person-centred manner. This means prioritising the employer's needs and preferences and approaching the work with a focus on them.

Each job role will vary depending on the needs and wishes of the person you work for. The actual tasks to be completed would be specified by the employer in their job specification.

The hours of work vary from employer to employer and many employers are flexible about which hours you work. There are plenty of part-time opportunities and some PAs work for more than one employer. Many employers are happy to discuss hours with a potential PA to make sure the job works for both of you.

How to apply

It is free to join PA Finder. Applying to join our PA Finder register is easy, simply go to www.penderelstrust.org.uk/pafinder and click on the 'Register Now' in the PA Finder box. You can email us on pafinder@penderelstrust.org.uk or call 02476 511611 for more information.

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