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What is adult social care?

Adult social care is about supporting people who need a little extra help to live an enjoyable life as independently as possible. 

This could include assisting someone with their personal care, supporting someone to regain skills they may have lost after a hospital admission, assessing someone’s care and support needs or those of their carers, providing information advice and guidance, or helping someone with a disability to find a house or job.

The types of adults who might need extra care include:

  • older people
  • vulnerable people recuperating
  • people with learning disabilities
  • people with physical disabilities
  • people with mental health problems

Depending on the type of role, who you want to work with, and where you’d like to work you could be in a care home, out and about in the local community, or working from someone’s home. 

Working in adult social care offers so many varied and rewarding opportunities.

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