Carers assessment

Under the Care Act 2014, carers are entitled to a Carer's Assessment. This is an opportunity to talk to a social work professional about how caring affects your life.

During this conversation you will talk about:

  • whether you need support (or if this is likely in the future)
  • how this support will be provided (e.g., via a Carers Personal Budget)

All carers can request a Carer's Assessment. The person that you care for does not need to:

  • have a social worker
  • receive any care or support
  • be known to social care

How to get an assessment

You should speak to the social worker dealing with the person you care for if they have one.

Otherwise contact Social Care Direct using the details in 'Contact Us'.

You can also view and see more information about the general online referral forms on our 'Ask for adult social care support' page here.

Carer's personal budget

The result of your Carers Assessment may be that you can receive a Carers Personal Budget to pay for things which will help you in your caring role.

The amount you receive will depend on your individual circumstances. Usually, this will be in a lump sum as a one-off direct payment.

Leanne is a carer for her adult daughter who has physical and learning disabilities.

Leanne completed a Carers Assessment which identified that she spent a lot of time at home which had a negative impact on her mood. She wanted to find ways to exercise and be outdoors to improve her emotional wellbeing.

Leanne also enjoyed gardening and bird watching so she used her personal budget to buy:

  • a subscription to an online Pilates course
  • gardening equipment
  • binoculars to birdwatch in her garden

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