Unpaid carers

Wakefield Council is committed to keeping people who care for others informed and supported.

Do you look after a friend or family member who has an illness, disability, a mental health problem or addiction?

Is the help you give unpaid?

Without your help would they not be able to cope?

If so, you are a carer.

These pages provide information to support you. This includes where to find support, how to apply for a carer's assessment, and information for young carers.

Carer sat down, smiling with an older lady
  • Who is a carer

    Learn more about what it is to be a carer, and the types of responsibilities they can take on.
  • Where can I find support

    Learn more about the support and resources available to you as a carer.
  • Carers assessment

    Learn if you are eligible for a carers assessment, how to apply, and the support available for carers.
  • Young carers

    Find out what support is available to young carers and how you can access it.
  • Help with finances

    Find out what financial help and advice you can receive to help you as a carer.
  • Digital resource for carers

    Learn more about the online support you can find as a carer, including advice on how you can build networks, understand the role of nutrition, develop self-advocacy skills, and more.

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