Becoming a Shared Lives carer

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To become a Shared Lives carer you will need to go through an assessment and approval process. This usually takes between three and six months, depending on your circumstances.

Step 1 – Enquiry

Get in touch with us:

We’ll get in touch to have an initial chat about being a Shared Lives carer. 

Step 2 – Application

When you’re ready, we'll ask you to fill in an application form. We’ll assign you a social worker from the Shared Lives team. 

Step 3 – Pre-assessment visit

Your social worker will arrange a visit with you at your home. This is a good chance to ask more questions and find out more detail about the process. The social worker will be able to look at your home for suitability too. 

Step 4 – Assessment

We’ll ask you about your life, experience, relationships and care-giving skills. We want to know a bit more about your living environment, family, lifestyle. As well as your connections to your local community. 

We’ll carry out the relevant checks, including a Disclosure and Barring Service (DBS) check, references and a health and safety assessment. We’ll also ask for references from the people you know well. 

This will all be added into an assessment report. You will have a chance to read and comment on this before submission to the approval panel. 

Step 5 – Training

Once you pass the assessment checks, you’ll begin the mandatory training. This will set out the expectations for Shared Lives carers. This training is delivered online and in-person. We will also invite you to attend a preparation day with the Shared Lives team to get you ready for your role.  

Step 6 – Shared Lives Panel

We will present the report at our Shared Lives Panel, who will consider your application. You will get to attend the panel, ask questions and hear their decision. 

Step 7 – Approval and finding your first match

Congratulations! You have become a Shared Lives carer. We will begin the matching process. We will consider your interests, lifestyle and hobbies to ensure best fit. 

Ready to take the first step?

If you’re curious whether Shared Lives is right for you and your family, get in touch. Our team are on hand to answer your questions.

What will I be asked during the application process?

The scheme will want to make sure that you have the right qualities to become a Shared Lives carer.

Why do you want to work with people who need support?

Do you have the ability to nurture and communicate with them?

Can you advocate on their behalf and include them as part of your family?

Are you willing to work as part of a team and develop your skills through training?

Will you stay strong in times of difficulty?

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