Equality and diversity

As a major employer in the district we are committed to delivering wider employment opportunities and creating a workforce that is as diverse as the communities we serve.

This is a really important time for equality and fairness across the whole of Britain. Here in Wakefield we can play our part in moving towards a more equal society.

Legislation against discrimination has been very important in raising the profile of equalities issues. It has helped to establish the public value of eliminating prejudice and unfairness, given representation and voice to different groups and, ultimately, make a difference to people's behaviour.

Legislation is important but on its own it is not enough. Our approach within Wakefield must be to empower people in local communities, to promote equality in ways most suited to their own needs, and be based on shared rights and responsibilities for us as a major provider of public services and employment for our citizens.

Equality and Diversity Statement

Our Equality and Diversity Statement explains our commitment to improving the quality of life for everyone. We want to make sure people who live, work or visit our district are treated fairly, with respect and are given the same chances and opportunities by taking into consideration their different needs.

Wakefield is a diverse district and we need to understand more about how communities are changing to help support community cohesion and inform Council decision-making. It is also important we understand the people we employ to make sure staff needs are understood and they are supported and managed well to improve service delivery.

We use a picture of diversity of the district and our workforce - structured around the nine protected characteristics - to make a real difference. This includes information about our gender pay gap.

For more information on equality, discrimination and human rights issues, please visit the Equality Advisory and Support Service.

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