Adult Services, Public Health and the NHS Committee

Councillor Betty Rhodes

Chair: Councillor Mrs Betty Rhodes

This committee is designated by Council to assume the local authority public health scrutiny function and will scrutinise, monitor and review:

Adult Social Care and Integration

  • the effectiveness and performance of the Health and Wellbeing Board
  • protection and care of:
    • vulnerable adults
    • those at risk of abuse or neglect
    • people with disabilities
  • how the Council ensures it meets its legal duties to safeguard vulnerable adults and holds its Director of Adult Services and Lead Member for Adults accountable
  • ensure adult social care services in the District prioritise the well-being of individuals and their carers
  • partnerships and public bodies that deliver social care and health services to Wakefield residents will be considered scrutinised. This includes their work on safeguarding vulnerable adults
  • the integration of NHS, public health and social care services, both locally and across the region
  • administration of the Better Care Fund
  • reablement Services
  • development and implementation of modern and dependable social and health care services in the community
  • commissioning activity for health and adult services

Public Health

  • the promotion of health and social wellbeing of people in the District
  • a legal duty to oversee and review public health and social care functions as set out by Parliament
  • receive and review the Sustainability and Transformation Plan (STP),
  • joint Strategic Needs Assessment (JSNA), Health and Wellbeing Strategy, commissioning plans, delivery strategies, structures and governance
  • receive and review the annual report of the Director of Public Health
  • public Health including reducing the prevalence of smoking, obesity and alcohol
  • services to people with long term physical and mental health conditions
  • dementia


  • monitor and assess the planning, operation, and provision of healthcare in the district. Hold all relevant organisations and providers accountable through democratic structures
  • scrutinise those operations proposing substantial service changes to health-related issues
  • take account of the financial and clinical sustainability of services when considering NHS reconfiguration proposals
  • collaborating with the NHS Commissioning Board to obtain local approval for certain service restructuring plans. This is to make sure they meet the Secretary of State's 'four tests'
  • monitor the satisfaction of people who use both social care and health services

Committee Membership


Co-opted Members (recruited from the general public)

  • Mavis Harrison
  • Elizabeth Knowles
  • Tony Parkinson
  • Vacancy

Minutes, agendas and future meetings

You can find the minutes, agendas, and future meeting dates of the Overview and Scrutiny Management Board and Committees in our meetings database.

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