District Councillor

Councillors are normally elected for four-year terms, and play a very important role in the running of the Council. As well as setting policy and overseeing the work of officers they also:

  • provide community leadership to the district
  • engage with local communities
  • act as ambassadors for the Council
  • represent the community
  • act as advocates

Councillors may represent the council on outside organisations such as:

  • local partnerships
  • charities
  • public bodies

Most are party members and form voting groups in the Council.

There are 21 Wards with three Councillors each, with one third elected every three years.

Following results from the 2023 district elections the make-up of the Council (62 seats) is:

A visual representation of the make-up of Wakefield Council. There are 49 red circles, 6 blue circles, 5 grey circles and 3 yellow circles representing Labour, Conservative, Independent and Liberal Democrat councillors

  • Labour 47 seats
  • Conservatives 5 seats
  • Liberal Democrats 3 seats
  • Independent 7 seats

Councillors work to represent their community's needs. This involves attending meetings, holding surgeries, and campaigning on local issues. They are entitled to allowances and expenses to cover costs but do not receive a salary.

Councillors must follow the Council's Code of Conduct. This requires them to register their financial and other interests.

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