Councillor's allowances

What can councillors claim?

Members who serve the local community can claim basic allowances and expenses. This is according to recommendations made by the Independent Remuneration Panel, relevant legislation, and guidance from the Joint Local Authority Association.

Basic Allowance

All Members are entitled to a basic allowance. This recognises the time they devote to their role in representing and leading the community. This also includes attending formal and informal meetings, as well as visiting their constituents and local interest groups in their wards.

Basic Supplement

The basic supplement for Councillors is £707 to £804 on a stepped basis and is included in the Basic Allowance paid. It is paid in recognition of expenses incurred in carrying their duties within the Wakefield District. The expenses will be predominantly for travel, but also cover telephone calls and some expenses incurred in running an office at home.

Special Responsibility Allowance

Some Councillors have extra duties and responsibilities within the local authority's political management. To recognise these additional duties, the Council pays them a special responsibility allowance.

Other allowances include:

  • other travel expenses
  • subsistence
  • a Mayor and Deputy Allowance

We publish two documents:

  • allowances for the previous month
  • allowances for the previous financial year
Members Allowances, Supplements and Other Expenses
Members Allowances, Supplements and Other Expenses

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