Asking to re-use our information

What do I need to do first?

  • you should gain access to the information you wish to re-use. If the information is not already published by the Council, you will need to gain access by making a Freedom of Information Request
  • check to make sure that the information is owned by Wakefield Council. If the information is not owned by Wakefield Council, we cannot process your request for re-use. In cases where ownership is unclear, we will offer advice and assistance
  • decide the re-use to which the information will be put

How do I make an application to re-use Council Information?

For a request to be valid, it must

  • be made in writing (in a legible form)
  • State the full name of the applicant and a permanent address for correspondence
  • specify the document requested for re-use
  • state the purpose to which the information will be put

To request to re-use information owned by Wakefield Council, contact the Corporate Information Governance Team using the following details: 



Corporate Information Governance
County Hall
Bond Street

You can use the application form or make a written request via email or any format. Make sure to include your name, address, and how you intend to use the information for a quick response.

What will happen to my application?

We’ll acknowledge your request as soon as we receive it and respond within 20 working days. If it's a complex request, we may need more time to respond.

We will only refuse a request on one or more of the following reasons

  • We cannot provide information if it is not part of our public task to provide administrative or statutory information
  • the document contains content in which copyright is owned by a third party;
  • the content of the document is exempt from access by virtue of the FOI Act

Will I be charged?

The Council may charge for re-using its information depending on what it is and how it will be used. The charge will not exceed the cost of producing and disseminating the information and may include a reasonable return on investment.

What if I’m not happy with the Council’s decision?

If you’re not happy with the decision, please contact the Freedom of Information Team who will further explain the decision. If you are still not happy with the decision, then you may make a formal complaint. This may be done by email to or by sending a letter to the Freedom of Information Team.

A panel will investigate your complaint and notify you of their decision within a reasonable time.

If you are still not happy after following the above procedure you may refer your complaint to The National Archives.

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