Travel improvements underway in Castleford

Tuesday, March 19, 2024

Work is progressing on plans to make it easier and quicker to get around in Castleford.
The latest stage of the Castleford Growth Corridor scheme is now underway, with the demolition of buildings on Aire Street.
This will allow for the construction of a separate cycle way and pedestrian route along the entire northern side of Savile Road from the roundabout. It will also provide an additional pedestrian crossing and allow modification to the existing junctions on the roundabout.  

 “I’m really pleased to see work begin on this section of the Castleford Growth Corridor. 
“It will better connect residents and visitors to the town centre and make it safer and more efficient for people to walk or cycle.
“This not only reduces traffic and congestion but has huge benefits for people’s health and wellbeing.”

Cllr Matthew Morley

Cabinet Member for Planning and Highways

Cllr Matthew Morley

The Castleford Growth Corridor scheme will improve the route between Savile Road and Wheldon Road, making Fryston and Airedale better connected to Castleford town centre. 
It will also include a new bridge, which will make it safer for people crossing the railway, on foot or by bike. And create a safe route to walk or cycle between Castleford and Ferry Fryston with a new two-way cycle lane and shared use path.  
New crossings will make journeys quicker, make walking and cycling safer and easier and create safe links from the centre of Castleford to the upcoming Riverside development.

“These are exciting times for Castleford as one of our landmark projects, to redevelop the town centre, reaches its next phase. This will further enhance the impact of the critical £23.9m Towns Fund investment in the town.
“Once demolition and the road works are complete, the waterfront will be transformed into a destination that is better connected to the town centre. There will be more recreational space, and new food and drink facilities for everyone to enjoy.
“I can’t wait to see residents and visitors alike enjoying the new parks and leisure facilities in the future.”

Cllr Michael Graham

Cabinet Member for Regeneration and Economic Growth

Cllr Michael Graham

Demolition to 14-28 Savile Road and the Roundbrand Building are to commence with demolition contractor Ron Hull Demolition Ltd. The works will run over the course of approximately two months and the site will be handed back to the Council ready for the next phase of the Castleford Growth project. During the demolition works there will be some minor disruption to the existing pedestrian footpath on Savile Road as this will be closed to ensure safety of the public and a footpath diversion will be in place during the course of the work.
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