Council prosecutes woman who caused noise nuisance to neighbours

Thursday, February 22, 2024

A noisy neighbour who played excessively loud music has been ordered to pay out £362 after she was taken to court by Wakefield Council.

Sammy Brooke, aged 52, of Albion Street, Wakefield, was convicted at Kirklees Magistrates’ Court on 30 January 2024 for continuing to play loud music after an official notice to stop.

The court fined her £80 and ordered her to pay £250 to cover the Council’s investigation and legal costs, plus a victim surcharge of £32. 

"We won’t tolerate this type of behaviour. It can impact on people’s quality of life, causing stress and anxiety for neighbours.

“We want to be very clear - we will and do take court action when people won’t work with us to change unreasonable behaviour. We would encourage anyone to report noise problems to us if their lives are being affected.”

Cllr Jack Hemingway

Cabinet Member for Climate Change and Environment

Cllr Jack Hemingway

Following complaints, the Council served a formal abatement notice requiring Miss Brooke to stop playing amplified music causing a noise nuisance. But this was ignored, and the Council took a decision to prosecute.

Evidence was gathered that included recordings of noise obtained by Council officers, and information from people directly affected.


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