Council Leader responds to the Spring budget

Wednesday, March 06, 2024

Commenting on the Spring budget, Cllr Denise Jeffery, Leader of Wakefield Council, said: 

“Whatever comes out in the detail of today’s budget, there will be far too many people who’ll feel worse off than they did just a few years ago. And especially since 2010.

“Last week, alongside nearly every leader in the country, I wrote to the Chancellor urging him to extend the Household Support Fund for at least a year. This helps provide food banks, warm spaces and food vouchers. Whilst today’s announcement gives some reprieve, the six months extension will run out just as thousands of vulnerable families head into next winter. 

“Tax giveaways won’t cut it. Working people are paying more. Including higher mortgages and higher Council Tax. All a direct result of this Government. And telling decimated public services that the answer is productivity is incredulous. 

“After countless Conservative U-turns, the Chancellor said he’s turning a corner. The reality is, it’s the end of the line. This country and this district, needs and deserves a new Government, sooner rather than later.”

Cllr Denise Jeffery

Leader of Wakefield Council

Cllr Denise Jeffery
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