Pavement cafés

We have introduced a free consent process which temporarily replaces the existing Pavement Café Licence. 

Where possible, space will be made available to businesses to operate a temporary pavement café and allow them to benefit from adding outdoor furniture for use by customers.  

It is the responsibility of the Consent applicant to ensure they can meet the guidance as per the Wakefield Council Covid-19 Hospitality Consent Guidance Document.

Wakefield Council Covid -19 Hospitality Guidance document

Consumption of alcohol within the café area must be authorised by an appropriate off sales permission within the existing premises licence. 

It is the responsibility of the Consent applicant to ensure that conditions on the premises licence would not prevent the consumption of alcohol outdoors in open containers. 

Off sales can be added, and conditions removed from a premises licence, by way of a variation application and in most cases this may done using the minor variation process which will take 15 working days. 

Applicants may want to consider the use of Temporary Event Notices to authorise sales in the short term.

All applications will be assessed on their own merits and subject to a 14 consultation and determination process. 

Due to the complex nature of some requests, ie multiple requests or other land uses, such as town centres, these may take longer to assess and grant.  

Please be aware, not all will be possible to grant as there will be competing needs for the open space as well as existing public safety matters that need to be considered.

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